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Erasmus+ Programme

As Beneficiary:

Digital Stories Speaking Up Well - Youth 4 Youth & Together Versus Marginalization!

Project Code: 2023-3-AT01-KA152-YOU-000172122 

Our project aims to combat and speak up against youth marginalization and discrimination through creating photo comics, reach those problems to the vast society and develop our participants' digital skills in creating photo comics, script writing and development and photo editing. We strongly believe that the skills and experience which our participants will get through our project will help them to be more active citizens and participate more in social life, since gained knowledge will give them the chance to express their say always in a creative way and reach vast number of people worldwide.


The objectives are:

- To explore the realities, search for the reasons and solutions towards youth marginalization problems in our countries and societies

- To create the opportunity for our participants to take part in international activities, meet their pairs from other countries and learn from each other

- To let our participants know more about Erasmus + programme and be able to develop their project ideas into action

- To develop participants' skills and competences in script writing, acting, photo taking, editing and using photo comics as a tool of self-expression

- To create individual and group photo comics frames about the problematic social issues of youngsters

- To create Digital Photo Comics Book and spread worldwide

- To develop future E + projects based on the ideas our participants will conceptualize during the project



In this project there will be involved: Austria : 9 ( 7 Participants + 2 Group leaders) Turkiye: 9 ( 7 Participants + 2 Group leaders) Ukraine: 9 ( 7 Participants + 2 Group leaders) Georgia: 10 ( 7 Participants + 2 Group leaders + 1 Facilitator).

AGE Limits:

18 – 29 For Participants

18+ For Group leaders


Each participant has to fill in a google doc APPLICATION FORM as soon as being selected:




Please, provide by yourself your own Health Insurance before arriving to Georgia

This project is funded by European Union under Erasmus+ Programme

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