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Discover ikigai ... 

Ikigai, an inspiring term from Japan, embodies the individual self-realization of each person as well as a
unique model of well-being. Our association is named ikigai, as we passionately dedicate ourselves to
sharing and multiplying happiness through the pillars of art, culture, and education.

The triple 'i' silhouette in our 'ikigai' logo reflects our organizational core and also the three areas of our organization. We, a group of dedicated women, collectively create a space built upon our individual abilities, desires, needs, and goals. Within this space, we enable artistic projects, educational initiatives, and cultural exchange, fostering an inspiring environment for all.

Our Mission

Our Mission



art: we promote creative expressions and provide artists a stage to showcase their works to the world.



culture: we forge connections between diverse cultures and appreciate the cultural richness of our society.


education: we advocate for lifelong learning and offer educational initiatives that expand individuals’
knowledge and skills.

We warmly invite you to become part of our vibrant community and join us in discovering ikigai together.




Our Vision

Ikigai envisions a world where art, culture, and education intertwine seamlessly to create a tapestry of happiness and self-realization.


Where every individual is empowered to discover their unique ikigai – a source of purpose and fulfillment in their lives.


Through our efforts, we strive to foster a culture of wellbeing and inspire safe space where creativity, learning, and cultural exchange flourish.

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