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Erasmus+ Programme

As Partner Organisation:

Connect Before Correct: Using empathy for better understanding

Project Code: 2023-1-PL01-KA153-YOU-000134969

Beneficiary: Fundacja Autokreacja

IKIGAI's team Tat Sndr and Derya Schuberth Gülcehre participated to a training course in Poland in the frame of ''Connect Before Correct: Using Empathy for Better Understanding Project'' 2023-1-PL01-KA153-YOU-000134969

The training course “Connect Before Correct” focused on developing empathic skills and knowledge that can be used to create meaningful and authentic relationships.

After this training participants will improve their communication skills to better support young people in their emotional struggles. The program was based on the Nonviolent Communication approach and offered both theoretical inputs and deep



• The concept of empathy and introduction to NVC

• Possible barriers in communication with young people and not only

• Deep listening- understanding the core of one’s expression, their feelings and needs

and building trust and safety in relationships

• Habitual (dominant) language versus language of connection

• Hearing „difficult” messages - 4 perspectives of a listener. How to shift from reactivity

to relatedness?

• Self-empathy and self- care as lifeservice tool for educators

• Interpersonal neurobiology- understanding of human behaviour and the role of

empathy in self-regulation

• Fours steps towards mutual connection and understanding: observations versus

interpretations, feelings versus thoughts, needs versus strategies, requests versus


• Empathic Listening and Honest Self-Expression: Openness and curiosity, Connect

before correct, Self-respect and boundaries, Introduction to respectful dialogue

• Expressing „no” with honesty and respect

• Receiving „no” with empathy and curiosity

• From conflict to dilemma- finding win-win solutions

Fundacja Autokreacja thank you for involving us to this amazing project. 

This project is funded by European Commission under Erasmus+ Programme.

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